New: YAML Editor and API


YAML files can now be created, read, updated, and deleted directly on Previously, the only way to get YAML into a project was to import it, so was effectively just a storage tool (with versioning) for your Drupal configuration. Public storage is useful by itself, as it allows us to share configuration between Drupal sites. But is intended to do more than improve how we share configuration; it should also improve how we make configuration.

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Remotely Loading Drupal Configuration with CINC Sync


As of the latest release, the CINC module for Drupal 7 now comes with a submodule named "CINC Sync." Beyond having a fun name to say, this module adds a new option for Drupal configuration workflow: you can now store your configuration on a single server, and apply it across any number of Drupal sites.

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Declaring a Blog

2015-08-21 has settled into a pretty good pattern of regular updates, so I thought I should probably start documenting those updates in more detail than can fit in a Tweet. I've made dozens of blogs, and initially started building the familiar system I've used before: some HTML forms to create posts, some code to save posts to a database, and some more code to pull posts out of that database and format them as HTML. But then I realized this was a good opportunity to test out some of the ideas behind How much of this blog could I make with configuration before code?

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