Remotely Loading Drupal Configuration with CINC Sync


As of the latest release, the CINC module for Drupal 7 now comes with a submodule named "CINC Sync." Beyond having a fun name to say, this module adds a new option for Drupal configuration workflow: you can now store your configuration on a single server, and apply it across any number of Drupal sites.

To use this with a project on, simply add the URL path of the project to a module's .info file. Here's an example file,

name = Example
description = Example module using CINC Sync.
core = 7.x

dependencies[] = cinc_sync
cinc_sync[] = 'public/scott/atom_wysiwyg/0.2.0'

When that module is enabled, the configuration in the Atom WYSIWYG project will be automatically applied to the current Drupal site. You can also include multiple configuration projects in a single Drupal module. So you could potentially build an entire configuration-only Drupal site with a single module and zero PHP code.

There are still a lot of pieces to add to this open configuration picture, but it's quickly coming into focus. CINC Sync brings us a big step closer to a future of collaborating around, sharing, and re-using Drupal configuration, as we already do with PHP code.